State of the Industry
Jacob Ramirez, Rene Ramirez  -  BSD Consulting

Extracting Critical Information from Legacy Pipeline Data
Kevin Tomsett, Buzz Crowell  -  Ener-Data

Innovation for an Evolving Industry
Scott Klipstine, Bob Wallace  -  Atwell

Considerations for a UAV Asset Program
Eric Sheehan  -  Vine Oil & Gas

An Introduction to Our Company and Why We Chose Blue Sky
Eric Montz, Steve Boddecker, Sam McLaughlin  -  Fisher Associates

High Density LiDAR and Automated Feature Extraction: The New Era in Pipeline Mapping
Joseph Hlady  -  Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy

Integrating Integrity from a Corrosion Control Perspective
James Redden  -  MATCOR

Introduction to PipelineML: Open Standards for As-Built Data Collection
Gary Hoover, Susan Bobbitt, John Tisdale  -  Enterprise Products Partners

Complete Lifecycle of a Pipeline Project at High Level
Fred Bignall, Karl Wolff  -  Pipeline Leadership Council

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Platform
Bruce Sanderson  -  Aegion

KYPER- Automatic Class & HCA Analysis.png

KYPER: Automating Class & HCA Analysis
David Johnson  -  Damian & Associates
Nichole Killingsworth  -  BSD Consulting

Legacy Conversion Projects: A Look Down the Rabbit Hole
Rich Calvert, Lewis Stiles  -  LW Survey

Document Linking: The Future "As-Built" Job Book Using DASH
David O'Dell  -  Gullett & Associates
Ashley Veal  -  BSD Consulting

Leica Geosystems & BSD: The Tools You Trust Now Work Together
Ted Miller, Bob Kilburn  -  Leica Geosystems

Constant Change: How to Keep Up With It
Jacob Parakadan  -  Enbridge

The Importance of Effectively Communicating Company Standards
Stephanie McMath  -  BSD Consulting

The Power of Media Relations: Reversing the World's View of Pipelines
Brenna Basden  -  BSD Consulting, Pipeline Town Hall

Organizational Change: Guidelines for Employees and Managers Handling Change
Matt Stratmann  -  Summit Midstream Partners

PODS: What's Happening Now
Buddy Nagel  -  Kinder Morgan
Nichole Killingsworth  -  BSD Consulting

Assuring Project Integrity and Limiting Project Risk
Aaron Grau  -  Association of Professional Pipeline Surveyors

Leading in a Downswing Economy
Nicolas Guerrero Jr.  -  Pipeline Leadership Council

Deliver in Real Time with Pipetrak & DASH Integrated
Abhay Chand  -  Petro IT

John Thach, Stephanie McMath  -  BSD Consulting

LIGHTNING Pro: Batch Sheet Generation
Marcus Moonilal  -  BSD Consulting

Pipeline 101
Abhay Chand, Rick Roberts  -  Pipeline Leadership Council