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Years ago we decided to never do an exhibit area at our show. Exhibit booths are boring, and it’s hard for people to really learn about a technology or service at a booth. Plus, as a technology vendor ourself, we know that being anchored to a booth for 8 hours is a terrible way to spend our valuable time. This year we’re opening an exhibit hall, but we’re doing it Blue Sky style. We’re banning booths.

Each Pavilion is dedicated to one segment of our industry, and will feature an interactive pipeline model for you to demonstrate your services and products with. Every Pavilion will have its own lounge and can also accommodate up to 3 companies as Experts in the field. As an Expert you will have over 300 square feet to work with. This gives you plenty of room to engage with prospects, demonstrate your offerings and present your company in the best light possible. This is more than 3x larger than the standard trade show booth!

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