Blue Sky University

Drive The Revival


Blue Sky University Is Back!

Get ready on May 23-25 for three days packed full of leadership, innovation and technology experiences.  2017 marks the 4th annual BSU, and this year will be bigger and better than ever before.  Expect even more leadership content, even more networking events, and new never-before-seen technology.



Every year we have 100+ attendees that represent the pipeline industry from survey, engineering, operating companies and integrity management departments, as well as local and federal pipeline regulatory representatives.  This year we are excited to provide our attendees a variety of interactive industry presentations, open discussions, mentorships (technical and interpersonal), new technology, and more personal networking opportunities that will focus on how we can DRIVE THE REVIVAL as our industry recovers.







The most experienced and innovative leaders in pipeline will be lecturing, leading discussions, and mentoring during these three days.

Attendees will be able to learn the leadership traits to help make them successful, gain insight on critical pipeline business practices, and be exposed to existing and developing opportunities in our industry. Members from the Pipeline Leadership Council will be on-site and active all three days of BSU and will be available for all new one-on-one or small group mentoring.  Prepare yourself to take advantage of the growing opportunities in pipeline.  To learn more click the buttons below.

“If we are not truly working to raise the standards of our profession, then we’re not really doing our job.”
-Chef Thomas Keller



Every year we select, evaluate and present the most cutting edge, innovative and industry complementary software and hardware from Blue Sky and other providers. All of the solutions presented are designed explicitly to support the pipeline industry and run the spectrum from data collection, to engineering, project management and more.

stay in the know


Presentations will cover industry regulations, trends and best practices as they are constantly shifting and progressing for both the operators and service providers as our industry evolves and responds to market demands and the regulatory climate.  To be the most effective at driving your company to success, it is required to stay in touch with where we are as an industry, and where we are heading.  Be present for our bi-annual State of the Industry address where we will discuss changes in the local and global environment and where the trends are pointing.  Also take part in discussions of best practices to stay up to date on your domain expertise.  These sessions are excellent for new and experienced leaders as new information is always being presented.



Networking at Blue Sky University is unlike any other conference.  Activities are designed to help you connect with peers and mentors in a comfortable, supportive and fun way.  This year we are providing even more unique experiences like paintball, ANKI Drive 2.0, and more.